Why hire a mobile, independent mechanic?

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Independent, Mobile mechanic comes to you!

So the question often arises: "why hire a mobile, independent mechanic - or a small private shop” - instead of the mainstream brick & mortar brand shops? We will attempt to answer your questions!

Firstly - you don’t just hire an independent mechanic. You find one and if you like him then from that point on you HAVE your own mechanic. A friendly entity, someone who speaks your (car) language and follows your needs. Not someone hiding behind an official-looking storefront, throwing at you incomprehensible technical mumbo-jumbo, and charging you through his nose.

Cars let us function - but they do need maintenance and repairs. Like most people, you could end up taking your car to a traditional shop, or call a truck to get your car towed. If you ever have to take your car to a shop on the back of a tow truck - they got you. The shop knows that it’s very unlikely you’d go shopping around - rather you just swallow their quote and dip into your home equity credit line. Independent, Mobile mechanic comes to you!Either way, you face an uncertainty or perhaps cookie-cutter inspection and repair, and high costs. Plus losing your wheels for a day or longer - until they get to your car.

There is a better way. An independent, preferably mobile, mechanic. His (or her, but as it happens, it’s mostly guys) service costs you less because of the very low overhead: no expensive commercial rent to pay, no boss or corporate or shareholders to mark up his work. There is a world of difference between the motivation of a good self-employed mechanic vs. an employee on a payroll - a much greater incentive to deliver an honest, good-quality, and cost-effective service. Good independent mechanics tend to serve the same customers for years, taking care of all your family’s cars and working with you - around your needs. And a mobile mechanic comes to you when it suits you.

In a nutshell
Long-Term Customer Relationship
Highly Motivated - Saving You Time
Customer Focused
Cut Out the Middleman & Overhead
More Affordable - Reliable and Professional
Our service allows you to Find-a-Mechanic closest to you, one who adhers to all the criteria above and core the values below.

Good independent mechanics are highly experienced in a variety of car work so they are much more likely to service your car intelligently, not just “mechanically” (no pun intended). They have the tools and test equipment which allows them to cover all the common - and a great many less common - tasks. They know where their limits lie and they can refer you to trusted specialized workshops in those rare cases which they cannot cover themselves.

In most cases they are able to provide you with upfront quotes and with proper receipts in order to maintain your car warranty.

Code of Conduct (Core Values)
Independent, Mobile mechanic comes to you!

All independent mechanics must share the following core values:
Because it shouldn’t be stressful to own a car (™)
This typically means:

●   always looking for the most sensible and cost-effective solution to any car problem
●   mobile mechanics offer customers home service that works around your schedule
●   helping you to plan ahead, keeping track of and reminding customers when their cars are due for service
●   keeping a log of past repairs for easy reference and future troubleshooting
●   offering limited emergency roadside assistance