Our Automotive services include the following

● All scheduled maintenance according to your vehicle’s owner’s manual:
   ○ Fluid and filter changes, tire rotation, visual inspections of underbody and engine compartment for rust, leaks, worn rubber parts.
   ○ Replacing serpentine belts, spark plug, timing belts, water pumps.

● Diagnostics and repairs of check-engine light (CEL) or other warning light/message repairs (airbag light, ABS or brake warning light, stability control, diagnostics of tire pressure monitoring light).

● Brake diagnostics and repair:
   ○ Replacing brake pads, brake rotors, brake shoes, brake flush.
   ○ Replacing other brake system components including rusty brake lines.

● Suspension repairs:
   ○ Replacing worn shocks, struts, control arms, ball joints, wheel hubs & bearings.

● Steering repairs:
   ○ Replacing inner & outer tie rod ends including a wheel pre-alignment.
   ○ Replacing torn rack & pinion boots.
   ○ Repairing power steering leaks.
   ○ Replacing failed power steering pumps.
   ○ Repairs of “old-style” Pitman arm type steerings.

● Exhaust repairs:
   ○ Replacing exhaust pipes, mufflers.
   ○ Repairing some local rust perforations - if more cost effective than replacing entire sections of the exhaust.
   ○ Replacing failed catalytic converters (some limitations on catalytic converters and flexible couplers apply).

● AC/Heating:
   ○ Inspection & top-up, repairs of AC systems which have lost the refrigerant charge.
   ○ Replacing heater valves and heating/ventilation actuators inside the dashboard, wherever accessible without the dashboard removal.
○ A cooling system flush with a cleaning agent may be needed if the car doesn’t heat but otherwise seems to work normally.

● Electrical work:
   ○ Electrical actuators of power door locks, window regulators
   ○ Battery losing charge - within hours or days: Diagnose whether the battery is bad, or the car has an electrical issue, repair as needed

● Diagnostics and repair of oil leaks: practically all oil leaks end up at the bottom of the oil pan (engine). So, often you hear from a mechanic: “Your oil pan gasket has a leak.” In reality the most common source of oil leaks at cars above 100k miles is the valve cover gaskets but could be also the power steering pump or another part of the engine. Accurately diagnosing the source of the leak is crucial for an effective repair.

● Cooling system maintenance and repairs:
   ○ Coolant flush (drain & refill), usually at 100k miles and every 5 years thereafter.
   ○ Cooling system flush with a rinsing agent - may be necessary when the car stops heating but otherwise everything seems to function normally.
   ○ Water pump replacement - above 100k miles the water pump is at risk of failing (in some vehicles already above 60k miles), could overheat the engine and kill the head gasket (a bad thing)
   ○ Thermostat replacement - usually best when the cooling system is empty, during a flush or along with a water pump change.
   ○ Radiator hoses - when doing other maintenance on the cooling system
   ○ Radiator - if leaking, usually at ~150k miles or higher

● Motor mounts - Safety inspections seem to just love failing cars over worn motor mounts.

● Alternator replacement - generally if the battery warning light lights up, typically at 150k miles and up.

● Starter issues:
   ○ Proper diagnostics of the starting system is crucial.
   ○ The simplest and rather common reason for a no-start is a loose or corroded battery terminal. Even if the terminal may feel tight by hand it could have enough resistance to prevent a start.
   ○ Next common cause is an intermittent safety interlock switch. If the vehicle does not start in Park, try in Neutral.
   ○ Diagnose further and repair as needed.

● Axle shaft replacement - when the CV axle boot is torn and spews grease around or if the axle makes a clicking noise at full steer.

● Oxygen sensor replacement - usually this is flagged by a corresponding check-engine-light fault code.

● Fuel pump diagnostic/replacement: When your car runs out of gas your fuel pump does not like it and becomes at risk of failing. When the fuel pump quits your car stops dead.

● Please ask us about work not listed here. Some tasks are not common enough to list here while for others, e.g., for most transmission repairs, I refer you to a trusted transmission shop.

● Labor rate $66/hr
● For travel time of 30 minutes or more please add total one-way travel time at the normal labor rate
● For most work I make every effort to give you an upfront price quote, taxes included, and meet it. However, there may be instances of stuck bolts or additional broken/non-reusable items which in some cases may increase the labor or material cost.